Our Pricing

Since we want to focus on the Indy Writer crowd, we’re dadgum cheap!  And we want you to tell your friends about us, so we promise to provide quality, detailed service at a bargain price.

Just $2.00 (U.S.) a page!  (250 words = 1 page. So we take the total number of words in your document and divide by 250 to get your page total.) This way we can offer the most consistent pricing possible, regardless of your document’s format.

Why yes! We will happily do a sample edit of 1000 words free of charge. This way you can get a good idea of our work and make an informed decision.

We only require 20% payment up front. 10% of this is a non-refundable amount which holds your spot on our schedule. We’ll send you an invoice and you can pay securely through PayPal’s website with credit card or your own PayPal account. So, if your project is 300 pages, that would be $120.00 to get us started and an additional $480.00 upon completion. No hidden fees or taxes!

We can do rush jobs and rereads!  Prices for these services are negotiable.

We connect through email.  We keep things private.  Just email us a copy of your draft with any instructions and we’ll get back to you with an estimate.  If we have any questions we will contact you via email.  We are always checking our email so you can expect a prompt response.