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**One of our authors was kind enough to blog about us!  She really does a great job of explaining what we do & gives examples. Please visit the link below. We think this will give you an idea of our work better than anything we can say in an email.
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“When my first novel debuted, I’d had ten people read through it looking for mistakes. I could have saved myself a lot of trouble, and embarrassment, if I’d had the couple at Warneke Reading proofread the book before publication. As it was, they found over 27 typographical and grammatical mistakes in my novel. Talk about embarrassing! Save yourself the discomfort and wasted time–work with these conscientious professionals to put your best work on the market.”  –  Cassandra Davis, author of Dremiks – Finalist in the Kindle Book Review’s Top Indie Books of 2012

 “I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for all of the work you put into my story.  I went through all the changes and you guys are awesome!!  It is obvious how much time and thought you put into your work and I really appreciate it.  I used an editor for my last two books and the experience was nothing like you gave me.”  –  Vi Keeland, USA Today Best Selling Author of Belong to You and Worth the Fight

“I am tone deaf, which means I really shouldn’t sing. Yet in the case of Warneke Reading I’ll gladly sing their praises.  Why? Because they deserve it. Their attention to detail goes far beyond grammar and sentence structure, it extends to nuance. If you’re lucky enough to get them, they’re well worth the wait.”  –  C.G. Ayling, author of Beltamar’s War, Book 1 of Malmaxa

“I’m so glad I was able to find Warneke Reading. They went above and beyond what regular editors do! They give so much feed back that not only helps with grammar but also with the work itself. I highly recommend using these masterminds to improve your work!”  –  Dylann Rhea, author of Tormented Soul

“I found the Warnekes on Goodreads. They are Indie proofreader/editors focused on Indie writers. They understand the difficulties we face, and respect the work we are trying to accomplish. Their reasonable rates caught my attention, but their clear, thoughtful attention to detail, and the respect they showed me and my work have endeared me to them. They have, in me, a loyal and grateful customer.”  –  Scott Wyatt, author of Wax Dragon and The Timeless Parables of the Lizard Men.

“Warneke Reading (Ed and Natalie) took my writing and gave it all their spit and polish to make it shine. … Even when I chose, based on style or tone, to go with something other than suggested, their input was an invaluable process on the road to publishing.”  –  Jaye Viner, author of We the Separate Together